Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How Cade Wayne came into the world..

I haven't blogged in forever, something I wish I would have done my whole pregnancy, but had a feeling I wouldn't. Anyways, I want to blog the birth story of my little man, something I can print off and treasure forever. It might be boring to you, but it is something that I will always remember.

Tuesday, April 15th, I went in for my normal every week appointment with the Doctor. I was 39 weeks and 6 days, the next day, the 16th, was my due date. Everything had gone perfect the whole pregnancy, no morning sickness, no high blood pressure, very little swelling and overall I had gained 33lbs total. I had no complaints. At my appointment, my blood pressure was 140/94. The nurse rechecked it several times and it just went up. Dr. Harkins made the decision that it was time to induce because she was afraid it would continue to go up. She called the hospital and said my due date, the 16th, was the day I would have my baby!

That night I didn't sleep but maybe 3 hours. Colton was snoring away all night, and so many thoughts were running through my mind. We got to the hospital at 6am and right away started Pitocin to get contractions going. I was barely dilated to 1cm when I got to the hospital. I walked the halls, bounced on the ball, laid on my side and sat in the recliner to ease my back pain for almost 13 hours. I rarely felt stomach contractions, as it was all in my back. Dr. Harkins came into the room to check me after her clinic hours at around 6pm, and I was barely 2cm. I hadn't made any progress in 6 hours, and I was on (almost) the highest amount of pitocin they give patients. Harkins wanted to stop and try again the next day. She said when I got to the hospital, earlier in the morning (jokingly) that she hadn't had a two day induction in years, and she didn't want to start with me...... Well, there was a lot of truth to her joke she had made that morning, unfortunately!

She left the room and the nurse came in to stop my pit and I broke down. I didn't want to go through this AGAIN, for only it to end in no change and possibly a C-section anyways. So, Colton and I discussed our pros and cons and decided we might as well just go ahead with the C-section to avoid putting my body through another full day of contractions and possibly no change again, it was exhausting. So, off to the OR we went..

Colton had to wait outside until I got my epidural, which took FOREVER. The anesthetist couldn't get me numb. The first time nothing happened. Second time, only my left leg went numb. Third time he pretty much gave up and had me lay down. He took a thumbtack looking thing and poked me everywhere, and I could feel everything. He said he was going to give me more of the medication and tried again. Still could feel everything. FINALLY they tilted my bed upwards and everything went numb. By that point, I was terrified. I was so nervous I was going to feel them cutting on me. He reassured me I wouldn't and they clamped my stomach I guess, and I couldn't feel a thing.

Colton walks in the room and sees the terrified look on my face and I could tell he got so nervous, plus I was shaking like crazy. He was so good, holding my hand telling me everything was going to be okay. They had started cutting and I was asking the anesthetist to tell me what they did at each step. He said they were cutting into the uterus, and I knew I would have a baby soon from all the C-sections I've observed. I heard the suction of the amniotic fluid, and suddenly I couldn't breathe. I was starting to somewhat hyperventilate because I could not take a breath at all. Then I got nauseous and kept trying to throw up, but I couldn't because I was numb to my neck. All the sudden I feel an oxygen mask on my face and I'm trying not to pass out. They tilt my bed back down and it's pretty much a blur until I hear the Dr say, "I need a step stool now!" The two Doctors were pushing by my sternum and ribs and needed leverage. It was what seemed like forever. My whole body was moving and I knew something was wrong. They couldn't get the baby out. He was stuck up so high they had to use step stools as leverage to push him out of my ribs. I feel like I'm in and out of consciousness, everything seemed like such a blur since I was having trouble breathing and trying to vomit, I had no idea what was really going on. Colton said the baby came out and wasn't breathing, and he heard the Doctor say he needed 30% of oxygen. He was limp, but it didn't take long until I heard his sweet little cry. I remember saying how soft it sounded. Dr. Jantz, the pediatrician, gave me a thumbs up and said he was perfect. He peed all over himself and the nurses, and Dr said he would have weighed 7lbs 11oz if he wouldn't have peed :) He was a perfect 7lbs 10.9oz and 20"long!

I was getting stitched up, and heard Dr Harkins say she needed more pitocin to make my uterus contract. I knew that meant I was bleeding too much. But it seemed to be under control and I was wheeled into recovery, where I got to see my perfect baby boy. Colton came in with him and I got to hold him and do skin to skin for the first time. He was so beautiful! The nurses came in to push on my stomach and realized I was bleeding way too much. They were scrambling around and the Doctors came in and had to give me two shots every 30 mins to try to stop the bleeding. I really wasn't concerned because I had my healthy baby and that is all that mattered. Colton said, we need to pick a name. We had a little yellow list I had carried with me for months of 8 names we had picked out. We looked at it and both decided he looked like a little Cade. So there was my son, perfect little Cade Wayne!

The next day my hemoglobin was checked and it had dropped from 13 to 7. I knew that was really low and a blood transfusion could be in my future. I was so weak and could barely eat from it. But I knew the only way it would go up on it's own was if I helped it along. Finally the day we got discharged it went up to 7.9. Thankfully, I did not have to get a blood transfusion. I was trying to do everything to avoid that and I succeeded!

So, now my little boy is one week old today. He is amazing, cute, and sneezes all the time just like his mommy :) It's amazing how very much you can love something so small. His daddy and I are so blessed by him. It took us three years to get him, and we are more than amazed by him every single day!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

23 Weeks

So I have officially been slacking. I am not very good about these things!

This week, I am 23 weeks pregnant! I can't believe how fast the past five months have gone by. This has got to be the best pregnancy in the books (for me at least ;)) I have anticipated such horrible things, from what I have been told. The biggest complaint is the back pain, but it isn't anything I can't handle!

At 19 weeks, on November 25th, we had our big sonogram, to make sure the baby is healthy and growing as it should. We also got to find out that we will be having a little BOY due April 23rd! During the sono, she asked if we wanted to know the gender, of course we did, so when she said boy, I was not the least bit surprised! I have always imagined myself having boys for some reason. I have never seen Colton so happy in my life. He kept saying to the tech, "Are you sure? Really sure?" He couldn't believe it. Everything with the baby is great. He weighed 9oz and had his hands by his face the entire time. We got the cutest profile picture of him. We asked my mom to attend the appointment with us, so she got to share in the joy that she will be having her first grandson. It was all so exciting to hear. After that, my mom and I went shopping, and went to register for all the cute boy things at target :) It was a lot of fun, I think I was in disbelief the whole time, that I was 1. Expecting a baby, and 2, a healthy baby boy!

Since my last appointment, the little guy has been moving all day, every day, and every night as well :). I start to get worried if he (or my bladder) hasn't woke me up at least 4 times during the night. Sleep comes and goes, it usually goes more so, though. My hips have been aching quite a bit, which I am taking as a good sign that he is growing as he should! Only 120 more days to go until he is here!

Everyone keeps asking us about names, we have three picked out that we will name him, but we are not deciding until he is born! I don't want to be dead set on a name, and then regret it when he doesn't seem like what we picked out. After all, he is stuck with the name we choose for him his whole life! BUT we do know that the middle name will be Wayne!

Tomorrow is my routine appointment.. Excited to see how much weight I have gained during all the holidays that we have been having (NOT!) haha. Hope everything is good at this appointment. I will be getting my consent signed by Dr. Harkins to be able to get our 3D/4D sonogram done January 25th! My mom, dad, Colton's mom and grandparents will be attending with us! We are SO incredibly excited to see what he looks like!

Until next time.. Unless I forget again :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

14 Weeks

My cousin has been bugging me to start writing in a blog, so I have a record of my whole pregnancy to remember. So, here I am, starting off a little late, but it'll do. Here's a recap from the beginning of the little bean's life..

My birthday is August 19th. This year it was on a Monday. So I had invited several friends to go out for drinks and out on the town on Saturday the 17th to celebrate the usual, every year birthday bash for us. We had so much fun. I love spending time with the people closest to me. The next day, Sunday, I felt different. And not the, dizzy, pukey, can't get out of bed hangover different. We had stopped by my moms early in the day before heading out to the farm. We were sitting on the patio and I started having weird back cramps. Feeling like aunt flow was coming on. But, it was like nothing I had experienced before. And my usual monthly visitor was 6 days late (nothing too unusual for me.) I told the husband we needed to go because I wasn;t feeling well. We left, and I thought maybe I had a bladder or kidney infection. So I told him to stop by walgreens on our way out of town. We did, and I got some wonderful Azo, and he suggested we get a pregnancy test, just in case. We get to the farm, and I open the package, saying while I open it.. "I don't know why I am taking this, when I know the result is negative, just like it always has been." --(We have been actively trying to have a baby for almost two years, and no such luck, so I was used to the disappointing one line, instead of two results on the pregnancy tests.)  Anyways, I pee on the stick, and immediately, two lines pop up. I stare, and stare, and read the directions to make sure it's not fibbing to me. I walk out to the kitchen, and Colton is standing there, I was stunned. I held it up, and say "holy Sh** it is positive!" He didn't believe me at first. It was A LOT to take in, considering we had made the decision to stop trying since I got into the MLT program. Such a shock. Never expected it. When you hope and wish for something so long, and it never happens, I began to believe maybe God didn't intend for me to be a mom, something I have wanted my whole entire life. The first call I made, was to my bestie, Sarah. I tell her everything and I definitely could not go a minute without telling her. 

The next day, my 25th birthday, August 19th, I asked my mom to go get ice cream with me after work. She made up some excuse and yada yada yada, but when I came over, her and my brother decided to go to Braums with Colton and I. I had made a card for both her, and Craig, that had a picture of the pregnancy test, and the hospital HCG level, along with the words, "You'll be a Grandma in April 2014". Before we got to Braums, Colton told her this was the best ice cream she will ever have. She didn't get it until after she read the card of course :). My brother was ecstatic, just as I thought he would be. He has wanted a niece or nephew since before I got married to Colton. 

After all the blood tests came back positive and my levels were rising exactly like they should be, we bought picture frames to tell Colton's parents, that said a saying about grand kids, and we put a picture in that says "baby Snyder coming in April 2014." I really think everyone was just as surprised as we were to find out we were finally having what we have wanted for so long!

For the first month after I found out, I was nauseous to the idea of food, but ate what I could tolerate. Puking never happened, thank goodness. Just some food aversions and the idea of eating the cafeteria food at work almost made me hurl. All I wanted to eat was cereal, caramel, or sweet tarts.  However, when I got what I was "craving" it didn't seem so good when it was in front of me. That's probably the biggest complaint about my first trimester.

Now, I am 14.5 weeks, just a couple into my 2nd trimester. The dreams I have are ridiculously crazy. I have a dream about every other night of a sonogram, and it's always a boy, in every dream. So that's definitely my guess for the gender. The food aversions are still slightly there every now and then, but mostly I just want weird things I never ate on a regular basis. I have noticed the past three days to feel a small flutter in my stomach, which I wrote off the first few days as something weird happening. But today, I am about 99% sure what I am feeling is the little bean move around. It kind of feels like bubbles popping, and it is consistent off and on throughout the day. It's so hard to believe I am actually carrying a human inside of me. At my last sonogram, my cousin Tiff (the one that keeps bothering me about writing all this:)) went with me, and we got to see the baby do a jump when the Dr. put the wand on my stomach. It was so neat! The heartbeat has been consistent at every sonogra, and doppler at 170 BPM. Some say that's a girl! I'm still going with a boy, because I do believe that the odds of a boy happening, due to the Snyder genes, are a lot more prominent. Only God knows so far, but maybe Colton and I will find out next week... I guess we shall see... :)