Monday, October 28, 2013

14 Weeks

My cousin has been bugging me to start writing in a blog, so I have a record of my whole pregnancy to remember. So, here I am, starting off a little late, but it'll do. Here's a recap from the beginning of the little bean's life..

My birthday is August 19th. This year it was on a Monday. So I had invited several friends to go out for drinks and out on the town on Saturday the 17th to celebrate the usual, every year birthday bash for us. We had so much fun. I love spending time with the people closest to me. The next day, Sunday, I felt different. And not the, dizzy, pukey, can't get out of bed hangover different. We had stopped by my moms early in the day before heading out to the farm. We were sitting on the patio and I started having weird back cramps. Feeling like aunt flow was coming on. But, it was like nothing I had experienced before. And my usual monthly visitor was 6 days late (nothing too unusual for me.) I told the husband we needed to go because I wasn;t feeling well. We left, and I thought maybe I had a bladder or kidney infection. So I told him to stop by walgreens on our way out of town. We did, and I got some wonderful Azo, and he suggested we get a pregnancy test, just in case. We get to the farm, and I open the package, saying while I open it.. "I don't know why I am taking this, when I know the result is negative, just like it always has been." --(We have been actively trying to have a baby for almost two years, and no such luck, so I was used to the disappointing one line, instead of two results on the pregnancy tests.)  Anyways, I pee on the stick, and immediately, two lines pop up. I stare, and stare, and read the directions to make sure it's not fibbing to me. I walk out to the kitchen, and Colton is standing there, I was stunned. I held it up, and say "holy Sh** it is positive!" He didn't believe me at first. It was A LOT to take in, considering we had made the decision to stop trying since I got into the MLT program. Such a shock. Never expected it. When you hope and wish for something so long, and it never happens, I began to believe maybe God didn't intend for me to be a mom, something I have wanted my whole entire life. The first call I made, was to my bestie, Sarah. I tell her everything and I definitely could not go a minute without telling her. 

The next day, my 25th birthday, August 19th, I asked my mom to go get ice cream with me after work. She made up some excuse and yada yada yada, but when I came over, her and my brother decided to go to Braums with Colton and I. I had made a card for both her, and Craig, that had a picture of the pregnancy test, and the hospital HCG level, along with the words, "You'll be a Grandma in April 2014". Before we got to Braums, Colton told her this was the best ice cream she will ever have. She didn't get it until after she read the card of course :). My brother was ecstatic, just as I thought he would be. He has wanted a niece or nephew since before I got married to Colton. 

After all the blood tests came back positive and my levels were rising exactly like they should be, we bought picture frames to tell Colton's parents, that said a saying about grand kids, and we put a picture in that says "baby Snyder coming in April 2014." I really think everyone was just as surprised as we were to find out we were finally having what we have wanted for so long!

For the first month after I found out, I was nauseous to the idea of food, but ate what I could tolerate. Puking never happened, thank goodness. Just some food aversions and the idea of eating the cafeteria food at work almost made me hurl. All I wanted to eat was cereal, caramel, or sweet tarts.  However, when I got what I was "craving" it didn't seem so good when it was in front of me. That's probably the biggest complaint about my first trimester.

Now, I am 14.5 weeks, just a couple into my 2nd trimester. The dreams I have are ridiculously crazy. I have a dream about every other night of a sonogram, and it's always a boy, in every dream. So that's definitely my guess for the gender. The food aversions are still slightly there every now and then, but mostly I just want weird things I never ate on a regular basis. I have noticed the past three days to feel a small flutter in my stomach, which I wrote off the first few days as something weird happening. But today, I am about 99% sure what I am feeling is the little bean move around. It kind of feels like bubbles popping, and it is consistent off and on throughout the day. It's so hard to believe I am actually carrying a human inside of me. At my last sonogram, my cousin Tiff (the one that keeps bothering me about writing all this:)) went with me, and we got to see the baby do a jump when the Dr. put the wand on my stomach. It was so neat! The heartbeat has been consistent at every sonogra, and doppler at 170 BPM. Some say that's a girl! I'm still going with a boy, because I do believe that the odds of a boy happening, due to the Snyder genes, are a lot more prominent. Only God knows so far, but maybe Colton and I will find out next week... I guess we shall see... :)